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Beyond the Dog Kansas City Dog Training and Behavior Solutions
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Beyond the Dog offers full service dog obedience training in your home and throughout the entire Kansas City metro area.


Beyond the Dog’s All-Inclusive Training Program is an excellent alternative for those who have busy schedules, live in or around the Kansas City metro area, and are looking for high level dog obedience and manners. Sean, a professionally certified trainer, comes to your home daily for four weeks to teach your dog or puppy obedience behaviors as well as in-home manners. The program can be further catered to those individual dogs or puppies with specific needs including aggression.

The program is similar to a Board and Train program only better! This program allows for the same level of intense obedience training without your dog or puppy leaving your home. Beyond the Dog has found the program to be more successful in the long run. Good behavior is established in the same location that your dog or puppy is expected to perform it, making the transfer of behavior more efficient. Not only will your dog or puppy learn obedience in your home, but also around other household members as well as neighborhood distractions. Additionally, your dog will be trained at local parks or shopping centers. During the dog training program everything your dog or puppy learns is transferred to you in a successive manner. During private training, Sean will give you  advice, “how to’s”, and train you so that you have the skills to handle your own dog. Each individual program is designed with you and your dog in mind.

The All-Inclusive dog training program is available to individuals who live in or around the Kansas City metro area. If you’re interested in your dog or puppy learning high level obedience similar to that of a Board and Train program without them leaving your home call Beyond the Dog today to register for our All-Inclusive dog training program!

All-Inclusive Training Program: $2200/program; discount offered to individuals who have more than one dog simultaneously do the All-Inclusive Training Program.