Austin’s Cat Manners and Obedience Training

Training Philosophy

As Austin’s premier cat trainers, we transform feline behavior with expert guidance.

Did you recently adopt a new kitten but have no idea how to get started when it comes to kitten training? Our Austin kitten training programs will teach you everything you need to know about how to raise a happy, well-behaved kitten. We offer both virtual and in-home training programs that are personalized to fit any kitten training goal you might have. We can teach your kitten good manners such as how to use a litter box, how to stop biting, how to stop scratching, how to behave around other pets in the home, how to greet guests, and so much more! Kittens enrolled in our Austin kitten training programs also have the unique opportunity to learn advanced obedience such as outdoor leash walking, come when called, or how to follow a lure to name a few. Our Austin behavior consultants are uniquely qualified to help you achieve any kitten training goal!

Do you need help getting your cat to stop scratching furniture? Are you unsure what to do about your cat’s constant nipping? Do you wish your cat knew a few extra obedience commands? Led by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Echterling-Savage, we use the latest research in feline behavior to train good manners and obedience in your cat using the most effective and ethical cat training methods. Over the past 20+ years, our team of experts has trained thousands of cats in four different markets. Our understanding of feline behavior is truly unmatched and our team will help you achieve any cat training goal all from the comfort of your home!

Training Programs

Executive Cat Manners & Obedience Training Program

Our Executive Training Program is best suited for Austin kitten and cat owners looking to teach their cats advanced obedience and good manners. From leash walking to recall, our Austin behavior consultants will help you achieve any kitten or cat training goal!

In the Austin Cat Executive Program, the goal is to modify your cat’s behavior leading to a well-mannered and happy cat. In our in-home kitten and cat training programs, we can focus on:

  • Eliminating play biting
  • Minimizing excessive meowing
  • Reducing scratching
  • Establishing reliable recall skills
  • Teaching comfortable leash walking
  • Introducing carrier training in a positive manner

After 20+ years of extensive research and hands-on training, we have designed unique cat training programs that can modify any cat’s behavior and create long-lasting behavior change. Dr. Echterling Savage, one of approximately 50 Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in the country, leads our team of Austin behavior experts to provide solutions for any feline problems. In our science-based cat training programs,  we draw upon evidence-based research, like the study by Seksel (2008), to inform our methodologies. This ensures that our approach is both effective and ethical. According to CAAB, Dr. Echterling-Savage, “It is exciting to see a change in behavior with kittens, just like we do with puppies. Pet parents are often amazed that so much training can be done with a kitten.”

The Executive Training Program offers comprehensive on-location training sessions tailored to your cat’s specific needs. Upon submitting the Indirect Assessment of Feline Behavior, our pre-training team, under the guidance of Dr. Echterling-Savage, meticulously designs a personalized training program for your cat. Your behavior consultant will then put the plan into action, coming to your house three days each week for three or four weeks. Two days each week are 1-hour sessions, one-on-one with your trainer and cat. The third day of each week is a lesson with you, ensuring a holistic approach to modifying your cat’s behavior. Please be advised that additional fees may apply if the indirect behavior assessment indicates severe behavior issues in your cat, as confirmed by our expert team

Cat Obedience & Manners 1-Hour Consultation (In-Person or Virtual)


From scratching to biting to leash walking to carrier training, we can help get you started on a number of cat behaviors! One-hour consultations are offered in person or virtually. In an in-person session, we can offer hands-on guidance and practical demonstrations. If you live outside the Austin area or your cat hides from guests, virtual sessions are a great alternative to reach your goals. Virtual consultations with Dr. Echterling-Savage are priced at $375 for an hour, while sessions with one of our behavior consultants, are available for $150 per hour virtually and $160 per hour in person.