Breed-Specific Training

At Beyond the Dog, while we recognize that each individual is unique, we have also studied general trends across breeds. As such, we offer breed-specific training!

We use our nearly 20 years of experience to not only help you with your current training wants and needs, but also predict what might be a problematic behavior for the life of your dog. We want to intervene as early as possible to reduce any problem behaviors that the breed may be prone to. In doing so, we can help your dog be a true ambassador for the breed. When intervention is early, clients may experience an increased bond and easier lifestyle, not to mention saving time and money!

Below you’ll find some of the more popular dog breeds in the Kansas City Metro area. If you don’t see your breed below, don’t worry! We’ve had experience training nearly every breed ranging from the Chinese Crested to the Boerboel and everything in between!