Obedience Training

Training the Easy Way – Shaping (3)

Now that we have introduced shaping and talked about how to shape new behaviors in our animals, we are going to spend some time on WHY Beyond the Dog focuses on shaping appropriate behaviors.  Shaping uses positive reinforcement – rewarding the behaviors we want to see. These behaviors are more likely to occur if they...
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Training the Easy Way – Shaping (2)

If you have been following along our blog, we have been talking about shaping to teach new behaviors! It is one way dog trainers teach obedience skills to your puppy or dog.  To shape a new behavior, pick a target and provide treats for anything that resembles that target. As your dog gets better at...
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Training the Easy Way – Shaping (1)

Did you know that many dog trainers focus on teaching appropriate behaviors? The way they do this is through a procedure called shaping.  B.F. Skinner was a proponent of shaping behaviors in different types of animals. A reporter challenged Skinner to train a dog to do something new because he did not believe how quickly...
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