Aggression and Barking

I got Milo a long haired Chihuahua when he was 8 months old, he’s now just over 1 year old. When he first came to our house he was very scared and timid. Within a couple of weeks though he became very comfortable in our home and then he became aggressive toward anyone who would come into our home, or anyone we would see on the street while taking walks. He would bark and nip at people who came into our house and if we were outside he would bark and pull on the leash so hard he he would choke himself. Children were the worst. They always want to pet him but he was barking and growling at them and pulling on the leash to get to them. Also other dogs would cause him to go crazy. I called Beyond the Dog and Sean called me back and arrange a visit. we had our visit yesterday around noon. Milo was not initially happy at all to see Sean come in our house and sit on the couch. But except for an initial bark when I answered the door Sean was able to get Milo to accept that he was there. Milo spent the first 15 min or so hiding behind me but by the end of the 1 hour session Milo was comfortable and getting closer and closer to Sean and eventually was laying down on the floor not too far from him. Sean gave me some good advise which I put into action immediately. Later last evening I took Milo out for a walk where he saw another dog and even though he did bark at the dog initially I used the techniques that Sean suggested and immediately Milo was focused on me and NOT on the dog. Today was the real test. we went outside and saw some kids riding their bikes past us. I saw them coming and as soon as I knew Milo had seen them, I used the technique that Sean taught me and Milo was again focused on me and not on the kids. We stayed outside for a while and several people walked by and again I was able to use the technique and Milo didn’t even growl at anyone. This will continue to take some work on my part but it’s such a relief to have a dog I feel like I can control out in public or if someone comes to my home! Thank you Sean and Beyond the Dog for making our lives so much better in just one visit!

-Jeannette Shown

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