Ashley’s Story: Private Dog Training and Dog Obedience

Obedience training in Kansas City.

We met Sean and Kristyn at the beginning of 2006 when Ashley, our labrador retriever, was about six months old. We heard about Beyond the Dog from a relative and were very anxious to get started. Sean came to our home and trained Ashley and the rest of the family. This was no easy chore considering that our three year old had her own ideas on how to train the puppy. Ashley adored Sean from day one and the rest of us truly enjoyed our private lessons with him. The commands that we all learned from Sean (down, wait, uh oh, leave it) are still used by us daily. We joked with Sean that all we needed were four Sean masks and we’d have the perfect dog. You could see how eager she was to please him. We didn’t get the masks, but with our own work and training, we learned how to get the behaviors that we desired from Ashley.

We have recommended Beyond the Dog to our friends and will continue to recommend them to anyone who has a dog. They’re great!

–The Dunn Family (Shawnee, KS)

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