Blondie’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression

Private training for a German Shepherd in Kansas City.We adopted our German Shepherd puppy, Blondie, at the too young age of 6 weeks old. She was our first dog and we treated her more like a child than like the dog, often fawning over her. We tried to do everything right with Blondie and socialized her frequently.

At the age of 6 months, Blondie started barking at strangers, especially large men but even the elderly. Her outbursts became so shocking, we feared that we would either need to give her away or worse put her to sleep. However, we adored our puppy and decided instead to find a solution.

We heard about Beyond the Dog through a friend and called for Private Lessons. Sean arrived at our home and Blondie greeted him with a barking tirade; however, he was able to befriend and handle her within minutes. It was magic. We have since signed up for sessions and they have turned Blondie around.

Sean and Kristyn are both wonderful positive dog trainers, but furthermore are brilliant and compassionate human trainers. My only wish is that I would have called Beyond the Dog sooner.

-Jon and Ali (Lenexa KS)

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