Bodi’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners

Private training for puppies in Kansas City.

We adopted Bodi, a seven month old puppy, from a shelter. Bodi seemed like a calm, low-keyed dog who would easy to bring into our home. However, we found his calmness to be short-lived, as he was sick with intestinal issues. Once he was well again, Bodi was wild and unmanageable (although still sweet as can be). He chewed couches, carpets, shoes, etc., jumped on everyone, dragged me along on his leash. Our friends actually made a song up about his daily destruction, sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas. Although we have had dogs, we have never had to train one and didn’t know what to do. We found Beyond the Dog through friends and decided to send Bodi to Kristyn and Sean for their Board and Train program. I was not sure anything would work with the dog, but he came home a well behaved, trained, great dog.

Once the three weeks were completed, Sean spent time at our home teaching us how to reinforce what Bodi had learned. Today, Bodi is different dog than before training. He is a joy to walk, he knows what to chew versus not chew (the best achievement), he knows about 10 commands, and it is just fun to watch him do what he is supposed to do. I am not sure what we would have done without Kristyn and Sean.

We really appreciate what Beyond the Dog was able to do with Bodi. Thanks, Kristyn and Sean.
–Rondi Furgason

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