Brody’s Story: Private Dog Training and Obedience

Private training for a Great Dane with aggression in Kansas City.

Dear Beyond the Dog,

Thank you so much for your help with Brody.  We loved your suggestion of the All-Inclusive Training Program.  We felt like he was making progress on just a weekly basis but we saw a greater turn around after your work with him. We are a busy household and felt like we were not consistent in our training which was not helping him be successful.  We felt after your hour visits working daily with him on sit, stay, come, down, place, wait, and leash walking he was more successful.  We thought his progress had increased tremendously.  You did a great job fine tuning his commands and we were able to maintain what he learned.  This is a great program for anyone with a new dog and for the fact you do not have to take him anywhere, he is learning in his own environment where he needs to know what is expected.  We think this helped not only him but us as owners because your follow up with us was great.  Brody has turned out to be a great member of our family and we have you to thank for that.


The Grays

Jeff, Martine, Jackson, Allison and of course Brody

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