Bruno’s Story: Board and Train

Dog training for bully breeds in Kansas City.

Bruno and I (his owner) are very thankful to have found Kristyn and Sean. Bruno is a very successful graduate of their “Board & Train” program and he also stays with them when I’m out of town. I rescued Bruno almost two years ago. He’s a mixed Bully breed and he has all of the “Bully” characteristics; happy, confident, care-free, cuddly, gentle with children, silly, playful, mildly dog aggressive and he has a huge prey dive.

Bruno the Knucklehead Sean affectionately calls Bruno a “Knucklehead” and this term of endearment is a very accurate depiction of his personality. After Bruno completed the program and after I learned how to work with Bruno we were able to do all of the basic commands and a whole lot more. For example, we learned sit, down, stay, wait, come, loose leash walking, leave it, and place. Bruno also completely stopped jumping up on everyone and everything but by far the best reward was Bruno’s new ability to play well with other dogs at off leash dog parks. After working with Kristyn and Sean we now have an excellent quality of life together and we are both very thankful for our relationship.

–Charlie Becker

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