Cooper’s Story: Private Dog Training and Manners

Private training for cat chasing in Kansas City.
Cooper with Pirate

We called Beyond the Dog after we adopted Cooper, a 1-year-old black lab. The private lessons in our home were great–convenient, and best of all, in Cooper’s own territory (where he would get into all kinds of trouble!) Cooper had never been around cats and would chase our sweet cat Pirate so often that Pirate never came up from the basement for nearly 4 months. With the trainer’s help, we taught Cooper to leave the cat alone–not an easy feat for a 90 lb. curious lab. With time, the cat learned to trust Cooper and now they are good buddies. We still continue to consult Beyond the Dog for any problems with our pets, and have recommended them to many friends. They are a tremendous resource!
–Kelly & Tom Dreyer, Mission Hills

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