Dog Aggression and Barking

We have two dogs. Both are large but our English Mastiff is a giant. Unfortunately after my son was born she developed some protective behavior. It had gotten so bad that I could not walk her due to her dog aggression and I also had to keep all of our blinds closed because she would incessantly bark at anything that moved outside. Our veterinarian and I had discussed prozac for her but prior to trying drugs she wanted us to try some behavioral therapy and she recommended “Beyond The Dog.” I was skeptical as I have very little extra time with a two year old running around although Kristyn completely exceeded my expectations! Her training was not only realistic but also extremely effective! Within three weeks of training I’m now able to walk our mastiff along side a stroller and keep her cool and calm as we pass other dogs. I’m also able to keep the blinds open again! Kristyn also was able to train both dogs to hold a “hold” position when guests come to the front door. I would recommend Kristyn and Sean to anyone with any form of dog issues. These two have brought complete sanity back to our household!

-Alissa Jackson

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