Emmie’s Story: Basic Dog Obedience Training

Puppy training in Kansas City.

Emmie is a nine month old Shetland sheepdog.  She was just seven weeks when we brought her home.  Although she is very loveable, we had trouble understanding each other at first.  Having little experience with training dogs we were grateful to find Beyond the Dog.  At first Emmie was very shy when attending Puppy Kindergarten and playtime was definitely not her favorite.  With Sean and Kristyn’s excellent guidance we were able to successfully socialize her and work on good behaviors.  She now loves to play with other dogs.

Recently, we were very proud to see her graduate from Beyond the Dog’s Basic Obedience class in which she has learned multiple commands.  The experiences have been great for us and we now feel more confident in our dog handling skills as well as being able to speak the same language.

Sean and Kristyn made training so fun, that Emmie loved going to classes each week.  We greatly appreciated how knowledgeable they are on all dog behaviors and coaching us as we learned to train Emmie. We highly recommend these classes to all dog owners.

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