Gracie and Gunner’s Story: Puppy Obedience and Manners

Private training in Kansas City for a Rottweiler puppy.
Private dog training for a lab puppy in Kansas City.

After several months of consideration and planning, my husband and I decided to adopt two puppies, two months apart. Yes, we did this on purpose! We had no idea what chaos was about to fill our recent empty nest! Feeling very much in desperate need of help after that first month of madness, we contacted Kristyn and Sean about their Board and Train Program. Gracie, our rottweiler went first, and Gunner, the Labrador retriever started the program the day after Gracie came home. The difference now in our household is night and day! We have control! No more chaos. We have our lives back in order and, best of all, we have two wonderful canine companions! Gracie and Gunner are now bringing joy and fun to our lives instead of frustration and angst. And all the credit goes to Sean and Kristyn. We cannot thank them enough! They were absolutely fantastic with our dogs. And they gave us the tools we needed during the home visits to maintain the obedience after Gracie and Gunner came home. We highly highly recommend them, their program and their positive training methods. If you are willing to be consistent in applying their approach, you will have an awesome relationship with your dog!!

Bob & Tammy Herzig

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