Hogan’s Story: Puppy Obedience

Puppy training in Kansas City

Many thanks to Beyond the Dog in helping me learn to train our Lab puppy. The Puppy Kindergarten classes were a great way to get to know my puppy and learn the best way to train him. The voice, handsignal, marker, reward method helped my dog learn what I expect from him. As a walker, the leash training was great. We now walk everywhere on a gentle leader! Kristyn’s knowledge in training and teaching was very interesting to me and a fun outing with my puppy.

Hogan and I attended the next level class and again it was repeating learned behavior with advanced teaching. We practiced more walking and advanced “stay” techniques. We learned about eye contact and how important it is when teaching a command. The “drop it” class was beneficial as they do put things in their mouths which should not be there! Hogan is almost one year and is still somewhat frisky but knows what is expected of him. Thanks to Beyond the Dog for teaching Hogan and I good behavior!

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