Molly’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression

Dog training for an aggressive Great Dane in Kansas City.

Woof…my name is Molly. I am a very lucky dog. Let me tell you my story.

I do not remember the first 6 months of my life; they must have been really bad. My mom says I was in pretty bad shape when she first saw me. She helps out at the animal shelter in Parkville; they are the ones who found me on the side of the road. I was very bony, with sores and dirty from not being able to get up. My rescuers were not sure I would make it through my first night with them. I did though and was with them for a couple of days before Mom came to get me. It was hard in the beginning. For days she fed me every 2 hours and took me outside to potty (I think she was getting very tired). She gave me medicine and made special food for me. She also let me sleep in bed with her (I found out it was because she did not want me messing with the cats). Soon I felt better and things were going pretty good. She was crate training me, which was ok. Someone came over 2-3 times a day to let me out. Mom is a nurse practitioner at Children’s Mercy, so she works long hours. I think she felt bad about having to leave me in the crate so much. She would take me for walks when she got home (I think that made her feel better). But one day…I don’t know what happened, something just came over me…we were walking down the street and this lady came up to me with her hand raised, I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but my Mom and sister were with me and I was scared…so I growled and tried to bite her. Wow…Mom was MAD! I found out later, she was just going to pet me. Turns out, Mom had a lot to learn about me and I had a lot to learn about what she wanted.

Then one day, my grandma and aunt, took my cousin (Renegade, he is a German Shepard who also knows Sean and Kristyn) and me out. That’s when my aunt met Sean and Kristyn. Since my aunt was living at my house, they set up a time to come and talk about training for her and Renegade. When Sean got to my house though, boy did he have a lot to say about my behavior, and Mom told him about what happened with the lady I tried to bite.

Well let me tell you, my cousin and I were not going to let this person come into the house and start making rules for us…ut uh…no way. We tried to scare him, kept barking at him, but he didn’t budge. He talked to my aunt and my Mom and before I knew it she was signing me up for training. Plus he told her to get rid of certain toys, like the stuffed ones, I loved to tear up. He told her what toys I could play with so that I wouldn’t get them mixed up with other household items that I was not suppose to chew on. Then he told her about PACK RESTRUCTURE! Man, that was it, my life was about to change.

Turns out, Sean is not such a bad guy. I think he even saved my life once. Mom got really mad at me once when I ran up barking at a friend my human sister has visiting. Mom was so mad and didn’t know what to do with me; she was thinking she would have to put me to sleep because she was afraid I would bite someone. Sean calmed her down though and increased my training. I had already started going to Sean and Kristyn’s house when Mom was at work. Its fun there, Sean takes me places and teaches me things. Sometimes he comes to our house to teach Mom what I’ve learned. It makes Mom feel better too when they come get me, because she knows I am playing and they take care of me. My hips get pretty sore at times and they make sure I get rest when I need it. My cousin Renegade is also coming for day care too. We have fun playing with all the dogs.

Now my Mom says what a great dog I am. I still get in trouble now and then for barking at people walking down the street, but I stop when she tells me too. My human sister also has a new baby now and thanks to Sean, everything went well when she came home. Yep I am a lucky dog, I have a great family, with a sister and a baby and two cats that I live with. We all get along thanks to Sean teaching me and my Mom the best was to work together. My Mom says she has learned so much from Sean, that she can see how dogs like me, end up in bad places because out humans don’t take the responsibility to learn the best way to live with us. Hopefully other humans will let Beyond the Dog teach them, so there won’t be so many dogs dropped off at the shelter.

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