Puppy Training and Crate Training

My dear husband picked a sweet but very high energy terrier breed to get for our children for Christmas. Not only is Piper naturally high spirited, she also developed separation anxiety and I couldn’t even leave the room without her pooping and making a huge mess. I was literally crying every day because I had no idea how to help her and not go insane. There is so much online that was conflicting, and much of the advice suggested methods that were so time consuming that I couldn’t keep up with my family the way I needed to and also be consistent with Piper. My hubby called Beyond the Dog and scheduled a visit with Kristyn. She gave me very practical advice that I could apply immediately and within a few days Piper was sleeping in her crate and was a much calmer dog. I could leave her for periods of time and not come home to a destroyed crate or room. Kristyn has also helped us with strategies to get rid of Piper’s resource guarding, playful biting, excessive barking and stranger anxiety. I can’t thank Kristyn enough for her help! Without her, I would either be a complete wreck of a dog owner, or I would have had to give Piper away to save my sanity!

-Angi Klein

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