Tali’s Story: Private Dog Training and Fear

Private dog training for a fearful dog in Kansas City.

I bought a Bullmastiff puppy on April 11, 2006. I named her Talia, which means “Dew from Heaven” in Greek. After a few days, I was sure she was “Dew from Hell”! I have always called her Tali, which means “Confident” in Hebrew. But not until very recently has she been able to live up to that name.

Tali was afraid of almost everything, especially people. On our walks together, she would freeze in her tracks with fear and suddenly turn and run for home, pulling me behind her. I knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to hold her much longer. I often held her down so people could pet her – she was terrified! I thought that if I “socialized” her a lot, she would get “cured”. I tried everything I could think of to help her overcome her fear. She was getting worse and I was losing hope and patience.

In late July I heard about Beyond the Dog and gave them a call. If they couldn’t help us, I was going to find Tali a new home. Kristyn came over to our house to observe Tali’s behavior. She told me Tali was the second shiest dog she had ever worked with. She gave me homework and two books to read. Her training methods were new to me and I was skeptical at first. But within 24 hours, my husband, daughter and I saw that Tali was more relaxed.

It took a lot of work every day. Kristyn and Sean encouraged me to call for help and give progress reports. They even took Tali into their home for a few days for further evaluation and training. Tali and I attended an 8 week training class that Beyond the Dog offered. We learned a lot and had fun too.

After only three months of working with Kristyn and Sean, Tali is so much better (and me, too)! Even my friends and family are amazed at the changes they have seen in her. I have learned how to help her become a more confident (Tali) dog.

I wish all dog owners could know about the training techniques taught by Beyond the Dog. They saved Tali’s life in many ways. Thank you Kristyn and Sean!
Anita Vaglica (and Tali)

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