Analyn Sandhu, B.S.

Analyn Sandhu - Kansas City Cat Trainer

Pet Training and Behavior

Ana came to Beyond the Dog with a Bachelors degree in Zoology with a focus in animal science and human-animal interactions from the Ohio State University. During her time at OSU, Ana had the opportunity to work with many different animals from farm animals to exotics. Bettering daily human and animal relationships and interactions is Ana’s biggest passion and goal in life. Dog training and working with animals in exotic sanctuaries are two areas she hopes to exploit these passions.

In addition to her formal education, Ana has had the pleasure of being a dog trainer for over 6 years at facilities in both Connecticut and Ohio. Over that time, Ana has been able to grow into a confident and caring trainer who has gained the skill set and knowledge necessary to help many different types of dog training cases. Her confidence in dog training and outgoing personality help make clients feel completely comfortable while also putting their furry family members immediately at ease.

As a fun fact, Ana once interned at a rescue tiger facility and was able to apply her knowledge of dog training to help train a tiger to be less aggressive at feeding time! This bettered the lives of both the keepers and the tiger and is the kind of experience Ana prides herself on most.

Ana shares her home with her rescue kitties- Gnar, Bug-A-Boo, and Esme, and although she does not currently own a dog, hopes to rescue one in the near future! In her free time, Ana enjoys volunteering at wildlife and exotic sanctuaries, as well as hiking and exploring new restaurants!