Australian Shepherd Training

Do you love your energetic and intelligent Australian Shepherd and realize training is essential for a harmonious home? Beyond the Dog’s breed specific training programs can help you unlock your Australian Shepherd’s potential!

Australian Shepherds make a great companion for physically active owners! All of that energy and intelligence can be difficult to contain. When we train the breed, we focus on behaviors that can help owners live a long, frustration-free life with their Australian Shepherd.

It’s important that this herding breed be properly socialized such that develop into friendly and confident adults. With proper socialization, off-leash behavior is achieved, making burning off excess energy a breeze. For mini aussies, we focus on preventing excessive barking. Obedience behaviors like coming when called, down stay, and a strong heel are critical for getting Australian Shepherds out and about on a hiking trail. Further developing strong interest in frisbee, fetch, or the like helps make off leash outings easy and stress free as well as provides an outlet for extra energy in inclimate Kansas City weather!

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