Boxer Training & Doberman Training

Get the most out of training with your Boxer or Doberman by enrolling in one of our breed specific training programs today. Often behaving like goofballs, we cater our training to highlight the strengths of these two breeds!

Boxers and Dobermans are often a great fit for an active individual or family! Both exuberant breeds behave differently, but much of their training needs are similar. Using our knowledge of each breed’s behavior, and after assessing current behavior as well as your goals, we create a specific training program for you and your dog!

Like all puppies, socialization is a key component to training. It’s important for both breeds to learn what is appropriate to chew on preventing inappropriate chewing in your home. Early crate training or confinement training is important particularly for Boxers because as they get older they tend to become distressed while being confined. Boxers and Doberman Pinschers are generally very social breeds and will need to be taught an appropriate way to greet guests as well as other people and animals. Dog obedience is important to help burn off excessive energy. Behaviors like coming when called, wait, heel, and down stay come in handy when taking them out and about. Taking their behavior a step further and having them work for a toy, can help strengthen your bond as well as make training a breeze!

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