English Bulldog Training and French Bulldog Training

Love the humor your English or French Bulldog bring to you life but don’t love all of their shenanigans? Beyond the Dog has created training programs to help your bully reach their potential all while keeping their large personality!

For those looking for a dog with lots of personality, an English Bulldog or French Bulldog is hard to beat. Sometimes, though, all of that personality can get them into trouble! Our breed specific training targets behaviors important for each breed as well as further catering to each individual.

We often receive inquiries concerning crate or house soiling, so an intensive housebreaking program is almost always in order for English and French Bulldogs. We’re able to establish clean instincts and appropriate elimination at an early age. Socialization, particularly with other dogs, is an important training focus for English and French Bulldog puppies to prevent any aggression as an adult. We begin preventative exercises for any guarding behavior such that your dog can live a safe and happy life with all other family members. In addition, Beyond the Dog focuses on exercises to discourage chewing, making sure your pillows stay in tack! Lastly, high level dog obedience is important due to their physical nature! These little powerhouses should learn to remain calm when necessary and know what is expected of them when greeting guests.

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