Pit Bull Training

Looking to have your Pit Bull become a breed ambassador? Manners, socialization, and dog obedience can make that happen. Check out how we can help!

Nothing beats the squishy face of a sweet Pit Bull! As some of the most family friendly, snuggly breeds around Pit Bulls are becoming a Kansas City sweetheart. Sadly, they often get a bad rap and don’t always get what they deserve as young puppies. No matter how old your Pit Bull is, our training programs are designed to prepare them for a long, healthy lifestyle and catered to not only the breed, but each individual dog or puppy.

We focus heavily on socialization for Pit Bull training encouraging them to have a wide variety of positive experiences across as many settings as possible. In addition to socialization, Beyond the Dog teaches appropriate toy play to prevent inappropriate chewing. If left untrained, those powerful jaws can do a fair amount of damage! One trait of Pit Bulls that makes them such great family pets, is their physical resilience. Unfortunately, if not taught properly, that physical resilience isn’t always welcomed by small children or guests. Teaching your Pit Bull calm behavior is essential for a happy home! Of course high level obedience can help manage these little powerhouses as well as give them the exercise and mental stimulation they need. We like to get this driven breed to work for toys which can take their obedience to the next level!

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