Rottweiler Training

Love the drive and the intimidation factor of your Rottweiler, but want to be sure those traits don’t become problematic later in life? We offer breed specific training for Rottweilers, ensuring we prevent potential problem behaviors and target important dog obedience.

Rottie training Kansas CityRottweilers are a powerful and majestic looking breed for those interested in a strong working dog. We modify our training programs to highlight a Rottweiler’s strengths and take steps to prevent future problem behaviors.

One of the more important aspects of training for Rottweilers is heavy socialization. Beyond the Dog takes steps to help encourage a confident, well socialized adult dog with strangers and other animals alike. The breed can be quite physical and it’s important for us to channel some of that physicality into self control. We focus on dog obedience behaviors including stay, come, and wait. Beyond the Dog begins preventing resource guarding even when signs aren’t shown to encourage a long, safe, and happy life with all individuals including small children. Given their incredible drive, we also focus on achieving off leash dog obedience in exchange for a toy like a tennis ball or Kong.

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