Yorkie Training, Chihuahua Training, and Toy Poodle Training

Love toy breeds, but don’t always love all of their behavior? Ensure they are well-mannered by enrolling in one of our breed specific training programs!

It can be hard to resist the face of the adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, or Toy Poodle! While each individual dog and breed is unique, Beyond the Dog uses our 20 years of experience to predict common problem behaviors that the breeds share. In addition, many of our clients with these breeds share similar goals.

We know that it’s important that all family members as well as guests and members of society are able to experience what these breeds have to offer! Beyond the Dog’s training starts with a firm housebreaking program to avoid or eliminate any house soiling issues moving forward for the life of your dog. Concurrently, we focus preventing excessive barking by starting heavy socialization. And, of course, there’s nothing cuter and more impressive than a Yorkie, Chihuahua, or Toy Poodle perform high level dog obedience! Going to a dog bed or a place when told, waiting at the doors, and coming when called are a few favorites. As a preventative measure, Beyond the Dog we take the steps to prevent touch sensitive as well as resource guarding which encourages a long, safe, and happy life in your home!

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