Private In-Home Kitten Training and Cat Training

Want to be sure you get your car off on the right foot? Tired of your cat soiling in your house? Check out how Beyond the Dog can help where the behavior occurs and from the comfort of your home!

Behaviors Typically Covered

  • Soiling outside of the litterbox
  • Biting
  • Inappropriate scratching

Frequency of Training

Lessons are typically scheduled one to two weeks apart, depending on the behavior being addressed and are an hour in length.

What to Expect

During our Private In-Home Lessons your trainer will develop a training program, targeting the behavior being targeted. Your trainer will then describe, show you, and, when appropriate, give you feedback on you performing the skill.


  • $130 for 1 hour session
  • There will be a $10-15/session surcharge for locations outside of our service area.  If applicable, you will be notified of this prior to program start.

Private in-home cat training is an excellent option for individuals who live in or around the Kansas City metro area and have specific concerns or goals about their kitten or cat’s behavior. This type of cat training is offered privately in your home where your kitten or cat’s behavior occurs. One of Beyond the Dog’s experienced trainers conveniently comes to you. Most cats enrolled engage in less serious problem behavior. Topics typically covered include house soiling, furniture scratching, or early socialization.

During the initial 1.5 hour appointment, a professional trainer will conduct a behavior assessment and design a treatment or obedience plan to effectively help you reach your cat training goals. During the private consultation the trainer not only works with your cat or kitten, but they ensure you are effectively using the treatment or obedience plan they designed. You are given advice, how to’s, and taught to effectively handle your own cat. At the end of the appointment you will be given a specific cat training protocol to follow to encourage successful follow through between appointments. In addition, private support is provided via phone or email free of charge.

When scheduling the initial appointment you will be given an estimate on the minimum number of lessons based on the problem behavior. That minimum number is paid for at the end of the first session. If you live in or around the Kansas City metro area and are interested in having a highly educated and experienced trainer come to your home contact Beyond the Dog today!

Cancellation Policy: Beyond the Dog should be notified of any changes one week prior to the scheduled appointment.

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Cancellation Policy: Beyond the Dog should be notified of any changes at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment.