Board and Train Program

Find out the benefits of your dog living with one of our professional trainers! Receive intense training from experts in a home setting.

Behaviors Typically Covered

  • High-level obedience around heavy distractions and often off leash
  • Severe problem behavior including aggression and separation anxiety
  • Housebreaking, play biting, chewing, and high-level obedience around heavy distractions

Frequency of Training

During our Board and Train Program, your dog lives in the home of a trainer for a minimum of three weeks and often four weeks. Training is conducted throughout the day and includes obedience sessions, up to two hours, as well as routine requirements necessary for appropriate manners. When the program is complete, your trainer works with you to teach you everything your dog learned at “camp.” Lessons for the initial return are typically two hours. We recommend two additional lessons which usually last one hour.

What to Expect

In our unique Board and Train Program, your dog lives with one of our professional trainers and receives intensive training. At the end of the program you are taught everything your dog has learned in a series of three follow-up lessons. The program yields excellent results for those who want high level obedience around distractions, an intensive housebreaking program, or whose dog engages in serious problem behavior!


  • A $250 deposit required to schedule program
  • $2940 for 21 days and $3920 for 28 days
  • $450 for required follow up lessons(5 hours total time)
  • Half of the program (minus $250 deposit) is paid at drop off and the remainder due at the return

Beyond the Dog’s Board and Train Program is an excellent alternative for those who live outside of the Kansas City area and want a well trained dog or puppy. Your dog or puppy lives with a professional dog trainer for a minimum of 3 weeks. During the intense training, your dog becomes part of the family. As such, they live with professional trainers and begin an intense training program. The program starts by establishing good socialization, household manners, and obedience. Not only will your dog or puppy learn obedience in our home, but also around other household and neighborhood distractions. Additionally, your dog will be trained at local parks or shopping centers. Beyond the Dog further caters the training program to your family’s needs per the initial interview. This ensures the training matches your family’s needs.

Upon completion of the program, your trainer teaches you what your dog or puppy has learned. Owner training sessions, typically a minimum of 4, can be arranged at your home or in the Kansas City area. Before leaving your family, Beyond the Dog teaches you to ensure that you understand and feel comfortable with handling your dog.

If you’re interested in an intense board and train program, contact us today!

Please note: Beyond the Dog has limited availability for the Board and Train program to ensure the highest level training possible.

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