Maintenance Program

Not ready to end training? Find out how to continue training, further improving your dog’s behavior!

Behaviors Typically Covered

  • Fade treats and other rewards
  • Off leash behavior around other dogs or heavy distractions
  • Further reduction in aggressive behavior

Frequency of Training

Clients typically enroll in two days per week of training. Discuss the best schedule for you and your dog with your trainer. Sessions are an hour in length.

What to Expect

After you completed your intense training program, talk to your trainer about new behavioral goals! Clients often want off leash behavior if it wasn’t accomplished in the intense training program or are looking to fade the use of rewards. Others have the intention of further reducing their dog’s aggressive behavior.


Our Maintenance Training Program cost $110 per session and clients typically pay monthly. Sessions are pre-scheduled and paid for each month.

For those clients that have been previously enrolled in our All-Inclusive Training Program, we offer maintenance programs. These additional sessions can be used to build your dog’s behavior to an even higher level, introduce additional behaviors, or allow intense support to be faded more slowly.

Sessions are offered at the same discounted per session rate of $110 and are run a minimum of 2 days per week. Together with your trainer, you can decide how many weeks as well as number of sessions per week based on your dog’s needs and your training goals.

Beyond the Dog offers the following programs:

  • 1 Month Maintenance Program
  • 3 Month Maintenance Program
  • 6 Month Maintenance Program
  • 1 Year Maintenance Program
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