Video Chat Dog Training Consultations

If you live outside of the Kansas City area, learn how Beyond the Dog can help via video chat!

Behaviors Typically Covered

  • Housebreaking
  • Chewing
  • Storm/noise phobia
  • Anxiety

Frequency of Training

Our Video Chat Sessions are typically scheduled one to two weeks apart. The schedule is largely determined by the behavior being covered. All sessions are an hour long.

What to Expect

Much of our Video Chat Sessions involve your trainer setting up a training protocol and describing how to address certain behaviors. Trainers then send a written training protocol to follow.


The cost is $75 per session.

Online private dog training consultations are excellent option for those individuals who live outside the Kansas City metro area. This type of dog training is offered privately in your home where your puppy or dog’s behavior occurs. Sean or Kristyn, both professional and certified dog trainers, are able to observe your dog’s behavior without traveling to your home. Sessions cover anything from house soiling to separation anxiety and anything in between. Appointments are scheduled on a per consultation basis, so you’re not locked in to any number of appointments.

During the initial intake, a professional and certified dog trainer will design a treatment or obedience plan to effectively help you reach your dog training goals. During the private consultation the trainer works with you to be sure the program matches your lifestyle. You are given advice, how to’s, and feedback on handling your own dog. At the end of the appointment you will be given a specific dog training protocol to follow to encourage successful follow through between appointments. In addition, support is provided via phone or email free of charge. If you live outside the Kansas City metro area and are interested in having the expertise of Beyond the Dog, online consultations are a great option!

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