Executive Pet Training

Check out how Beyond the Dog can help you and your pet with even the most challenging pet behaviors!

Behaviors Typically Covered

  • Inappropriate biting
  • Aggression
  • Several household manners

Frequency of Training

Your professional pet trainer will work directly with your pet 2 days per week. On day 3, the trainer will transfer their knowledge and progress to you. For this program, 2-3 weeks of training are recommended. Each session is 60 minutes, besides the initial 90-minute introductory session.

What to Expect

Your professional pet trainer will work with your pet for 3 days of the week, only 1 day of which your presence is required. During that day, your trainer will explain, demonstrate, and have you perform your pet’s training protocol. You and your trainer will work as a team to consistently maintain your pet’s training each and every day. This program is especially great for those interested in addressing serious pet problem behaviors such as biting and/or aggression.


  • $400 for first week (3.5 hours of training)
  • $360 for subsequent weeks (3 hours of training/week)
  • There will be a $10-15/session surcharge for locations outside of our service area.  If applicable, you will be notified of this prior to program start.

An Executive Training Program is an excellent option for individuals who live in or around the Kansas City metro area. The program is offered privately in your home where your pet’s behavior occurs. Many of the pets enrolled in the program engage in one or two non-severe problem behavior(s) or need to be introduced to three to four obedience behaviors. Another common set of behaviors taught are general manners and obedience. During the initial phone interview or email exchange you will be given an estimate on the minimum number of weeks required based on the problem behavior.

The program includes three sessions per week, two of which your presence is not necessary. On the first day of training your professional trainer will conduct a brief behavior assessment. They will design a treatment or obedience plan to effectively help you reach your pet training goals and review it with you verbally. Then, they will begin training immediately. On the third day of training each week, you will be taught a portion of what your pet has learned. During this time your trainer will ensure you are effectively using the treatment or obedience plan designed. You are given advice, how to’s, and taught to effectively handle your own pet. At that point, you and your trainer become a team by consistently teaching your pet each day. In other words, you are responsible for teaching on the days that your trainer is not present. This helps create consistency and speeds progress towards your overall goal.

If you live in or around the Kansas City metro area and are interested in having a professional and experienced pet trainer come to your home, contact Beyond the Dog today!

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