Video Chat Pet Training Consultations

If you live outside of the Kansas City area and want help for your family pet, our Video Chat sessions may be the perfect fit!

Behaviors Typically Covered

  • House soiling
  • Socialization
  • Inappropriate squawking
  • Inappropriate chewing

Frequency of Training

Clients generally enroll in 2-3 sessions. The sessions are typically scheduled weekly or biweekly, but each case is different. We schedule on an individual case by case basis and according to the problem behavior.

What to Expect

Your trainer will review your concerns about your pet’s behavior. After an interview regarding your pet’s history, they will develop a training program for your pet. Once developed, the program is reviewed with you and you are instructed on how to complete the training.


$75 per session.

Do you live outside of the Kansas City area and want training for your small pet? No problem! Our Video Chat training is a great option for you!

During the initial session, our trainer reviews the past and current behaviors of your pet and designs a unique treatment plan. After the appointment is completed, your trainer will then send a training protocol with the information that was covered throughout the session to ensure improvement from one session to the next. Support is also provided via email or phone, and as always, is free of charge!

If you live outside of the Kansas City metro, but are interested in an online, private consultation with one of Beyond the Dog’s trainers, don’t wait and call today!

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