Meet St. Louis’ Dog Training Experts

Our Mission

Beyond the Dog was started with one goal in mind, to improve the lives of dogs and their families with science!

Beyond the Dog was created to provide St. Louis’s dogs and their families with personalized dog training solutions directly in their homes. Providing in-home daily training support allows dogs and their owners to make the progress they never thought possible. This is due to the integrative techniques Dr. Echterling-Savage and Sean Savage developed utilizing the latest research in dog training and behavior. Our dog trainers are experts in their field and we strive to continually grow and learn to provide the best dog training possible to our clients. Read more about our journey to St. Louis below!

Our Story

Discover how Beyond the Dog came to life in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sean and Kristyn Savage - Beyond the Dog Training

We are so excited about Beyond the Dog’s expansion to St. Louis. Adding St. Louis to one of our major markets made sense. After all, over 20 years ago, as an undergraduate student, I attended the University of Missouri. With Columbia’s proximity to St. Louis, I spent many years traveling to St. Louis. I had life-long friends and now have family living in St. Louis, and it feels like a second home to me. After reflecting on our opening in St. Louis, it just so happens we opened our doors in The Gateway to the West 15 years to the day after starting Beyond the Dog. With our St. Louis trainers who are meeting and exceeding Beyond the Dog’s standards, we are thrilled to provide our services to the St. Louis community for years to come! Thank you for the warm, Midwestern welcome!

Kristyn Savage, PhD, CAAB, BCBA

Who We Are

Introducing the St. Louis Dog Training Team.

Brought together by a passion for dogs and psychology, our team in St. Louis has devoted their careers to using behavior modification to improve the lives of dogs and cats in St. Louis. Our combined history of working as research assistants, behavioral scientists, equine handlers, and service dog trainers allows us to provide the best dog training that St. Louis has to offer.
In addition to education and certifications, our trainers also received unsurpassed training directly from Dr. Kristyn-Echterling Savage and Sean Savage. With their expertise, our trainers deliver the most effective dog training solutions every time!
Kristyn Savage

Kristyn Savage


CEO, Founder, Owner

Sean Savage

Sean Savage


CFO, Founder, Owner

Alexis Mitchell - Houston Dog Trainer

Alexis Mitchell



Amber Bleem - St. Louis Dog Trainer

Amber Bleem



Jessica Kettenbach - St. Louis Dog Trainer

Jessica Kettenbach



Ashton Maloy - Kansas City Dog Trainer

Ashton Maloy


Content and Scheduling Manager

Madeleine Kattan

Madeleine Kattan


Social Media Manager