St. Louis’ Dog Friendly Guide


Check out St. Louis’ dog-friendly spots and why they’re our trainers' favorites!

Ever wonder what St. Louis dog-friendly hotspots your trainer would recommend? Look no further! We’ve put a collection together of some of our favorite places below, from public stores to train, patios to drink coffee or cocktails, or reputable boutiques!

Dog wearing a sweater to keep warm

Keeping Your Dog Safe and Warm During Winter

Winter in St. Louis can range from a mild 40-degree day to large amounts of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Some dogs love running around in the snow and spending time outside

Local pet store St. Louis

Best Local Pet Stores in St. Louis

Looking for ways to spend a day out spoiling your dog and also want to support local businesses? Beyond the Dog can help! Our trainers are always on the lookout for fun,

Dog in a down inside

Feeding Your Dog During the Holidays

The end of the year is fast approaching and with that comes the holiday season with a variety of different dishes and desserts! The foods prepared during the holidays are special and