Puppy Training for Your St. Louis Style of Living

Bring your puppy’s training to the next level with Beyond the Dog’s personalized training solutions!

Adding a puppy to your family calls for a celebration! Why not treat your puppy to private training that takes place in the convenience of your home? Beyond the Dog offers obedience programs that are fully customized to your puppy and your lifestyle! Start on the right paw with all the information you need to set your puppy up for success! We provide solutions for potty training, crate training, addressing jumping, play-biting, and more!
Do you want to explore Forest Park or go hiking at Castlewood State Park with your puppy? Have them join you at your favorite local coffee shop, or greet your family and friends appropriately at your next get-together? We reinforce training both inside and outside your home! Regardless of your lifestyle, your puppy can have fun and show off their good manners wherever they are. The combined experience and knowledge of our St Louis puppy training team makes it possible for us to bring the highest quality of training right to your doorstep. With over 20 years of dog training experience and behavior research, you can guarantee that the training you and your puppy receive is the best in St. Louis!

Our Puppy Training Philosophy

Houston Puppy Training Program

All-Inclusive Training Program

Want to start on the right paw with your new puppy? Our All-Inclusive Program was made for you! This is our most intense in-home training program. It encompasses 22 training sessions across six weeks! This program has been designed to achieve high-level obedience training. Your trainer will customize your puppy’s obedience training program based on your goals and the puppy’s needs. After crafting your puppy’s training plan, your trainer will work with your dog one-on-one for four (1) hour sessions during the week. The fifth session each week is dedicated to your training! After the month-long training, there are (2) follow-up sessions to support your progress. Pricing for this program is $2,266. Ready to get started?

Executive Training Program

Have a puppy that is already pulling you around Shaw Park? Or a puppy that never comes when you call them? Our Executive program is here for you! We provide on location training for one hour, three days a week for three to four weeks. This program is perfect for getting a jump start on obedience training or addressing minor behavioral concerns. Your trainer will meet with you to discuss the scope and goals of your program and develop your training plan. After developing your puppy’s training plan, your trainer will work with your pup one-on-one for two sessions each week. The third session will be your training day where we focus on developing your puppy training skills! Pricing for this program is $1,170 for our 3 week package or $1,560 for our 4 week package. Ready to get started?
Puppy Training Program in Houston
Board and Train Puppy Program in Houston

Board and Train Program

Love your puppy, but not the potty training process? Or want your puppy to be trained while you are on vacation? That is where our Board and Train program comes in! This unique program allows your puppy to live in their trainer’s home for three to four weeks, providing unparalleled training and attention! Your puppy will join their trainer in exploring all St. Louis has to offer while also working on housebreaking, crate training, appropriate manners, socializing, and achieving a high level of obedience! After their Board and Train, there are 4.5 hours of training for you! This program offers the highest level of obedience training for your puppy. Pricing starts at $3,825 for 3 weeks and $5,110 for 4 weeks. Ready to get started?

1-Hour Consultations

Wishing your new puppy came with a guide book? That is where we can help! Our trainers will meet with you in your home and design a personalized puppy training plan just for you and your pup! They will provide you with socialization guidelines, a potty training plan, enrichment ideas, solutions for play-biting, chewing and jumping and so much more! Pricing is $150 per session. Looking for a trainer to implement your puppy raising plan? Check out our other training programs below! Ready to get started?
One-Hour Consultations Puppy Training in Houston

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