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Read what our St. Louis trainers have to say about common puppy training questions.

Our trainers not only provide customized puppy training programs throughout St. Louis, but we also provide answers to many of the most common puppy training questions. Explore our local puppy training blog below!

Puppy in a down

Teaching Your Puppy the Down Command

Do you want an easy command to teach your puppy that is also useful in everyday life? The “down” command is a fan favorite! Once learned and managed correctly, puppies can hold

Teaching a dog the recall command

How to Teach “Coming When Called”

We want recall to be a fun and effective tool for you to practice and use in your everyday life, from calling your dog to come in from the backyard to being

Indoor puppy enrichment

Indoor Puppy Enrichment

If you’ve lived in St. Louis for any amount of time, you know the weather can be a little unpredictable. From winter storms to summer heat, to flooding and tornadoes, we tend

Dog putting their paws on a person

How to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping

When we get a new puppy, we want to give them all the attention, all the time! It’s so cute when they wiggle and jump up, asking for pets and love from