Board and Train Program

Mac’s Story: Private Training and Puppy Obedience

Dear Kristyn and Sean, A dog is man’s best friend and Mac, our Bearded Collie, is my great buddy. Beyond the Dog helped civilize Mac, teaching (sit, stay, down, wait, don’t bite, etc.). Mac was a dream companion for my visiting 14-month-old grandson. There was no nibbling on his soft skin. No barking. He was...
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Gracie and Gunner’s Story: Puppy Obedience and Manners

Gunner After several months of consideration and planning, my husband and I decided to adopt two puppies, two months apart. Yes, we did this on purpose! We had no idea what chaos was about to fill our recent empty nest! Feeling very much in desperate need of help after that first month of madness, we...
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Bodi’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners

We adopted Bodi, a seven month old puppy, from a shelter. Bodi seemed like a calm, low-keyed dog who would easy to bring into our home. However, we found his calmness to be short-lived, as he was sick with intestinal issues. Once he was well again, Bodi was wild and unmanageable (although still sweet as...
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Max’s Story: Private Training and Housebreaking

You might think it was good news when your wife calls and says she is bringing home a new little bundle of joy, in our case it was a nightmare. A cute little 2 pound Teacup Yorkie Terrier named Max was our newest family member. He could sit in the palm of my hand and...
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Sunshine’s Story: Private Training and Dog Obedience

What we were looking for was a home away from home where our dog could learn without losing her personality–what we found in Beyond the Dog was a positive and caring 4-week program designed by Kristyn and Sean–two people who really know dogs–now Sunshine follows directions, is more fun to be with, and hasn’t lost...
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