dog obedience training

Brody’s Story: Private Dog Training and Obedience

Dear Beyond the Dog, Thank you so much for your help with Brody.  We loved your suggestion of the All-Inclusive Training Program.  We felt like he was making progress on just a weekly basis but we saw a greater turn around after your work with him. We are a busy household and felt like we...
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Otis’s Story: Private Dog Training and Dog Obedience

November 9, 2007 To Whom It May Concern, I write this letter on behalf of Sean Savage, with whom my husband and I became acquainted approximately one year ago. We bought a German Shepherd puppy in September of 2006, and we asked our veterinarian, Dr. Jim Sparks, to refer us to whom he felt was...
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Morgan’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners

We all know what we’re in for when we get a new puppy; hours and hours of training, which never seems to stick. We play with them, we house train them, and we feel good from all the mini achievements after they come to our homes. Then, our little puppies get bigger, stronger, and quickly...
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Bodi’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners

We adopted Bodi, a seven month old puppy, from a shelter. Bodi seemed like a calm, low-keyed dog who would easy to bring into our home. However, we found his calmness to be short-lived, as he was sick with intestinal issues. Once he was well again, Bodi was wild and unmanageable (although still sweet as...
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