Puppy Obedience Training

Parkville Animal Wellness Center, LLC

“Puppy Kindergarten has been a big hit with my clients, Beyond the Dog’s one on one personal training has also been invaluable for my very busy clients. I particularly like their humane and gentle training techniques. I’m pleased to be able to highly recommend Beyond the Dog to my veterinary clients.” –Dr. Thomas Welsh (Parkville Animal...
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Mac’s Story: Private Training and Puppy Obedience

Dear Kristyn and Sean, A dog is man’s best friend and Mac, our Bearded Collie, is my great buddy. Beyond the Dog helped civilize Mac, teaching (sit, stay, down, wait, don’t bite, etc.). Mac was a dream companion for my visiting 14-month-old grandson. There was no nibbling on his soft skin. No barking. He was...
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Hogan’s Story: Puppy Obedience

Many thanks to Beyond the Dog in helping me learn to train our Lab puppy. The Puppy Kindergarten classes were a great way to get to know my puppy and learn the best way to train him. The voice, handsignal, marker, reward method helped my dog learn what I expect from him. As a walker,...
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Emmie’s Story: Basic Dog Obedience Training

Emmie is a nine month old Shetland sheepdog.  She was just seven weeks when we brought her home.  Although she is very loveable, we had trouble understanding each other at first.  Having little experience with training dogs we were grateful to find Beyond the Dog.  At first Emmie was very shy when attending Puppy Kindergarten...
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Della’s Story: Private Training and Puppy Training

Della came to us when she was 2 months old, from South Dakota by airplane. She is Havanese, a new breed from Havana Cuba. She is an adorable fun loving puppy and weighed 2 pounds 13oz the next day at the vet. We tried for several weeks to train her, but since we had not...
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Blondie’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression

We adopted our German Shepherd puppy, Blondie, at the too young age of 6 weeks old. She was our first dog and we treated her more like a child than like the dog, often fawning over her. We tried to do everything right with Blondie and socialized her frequently. At the age of 6 months,...
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