Beyond the Dog Kansas City Dog Training and Behavior Solutions

Beyond the Dog Kansas City Dog Training ServicesBEYOND THE DOG views your pet as more than just “the dog” (or cat or rabbit or parrot). Rather, we see them as a companion. We hope for this to be a special journey that you will take through life together.

BEYOND THE DOG looks beyond your dog and focuses on their behavior. We avoid constructs like “bad” or “stubborn.” Instead, we examine the factors that control their behavior. By understanding these factors, we can effectively and compassionately train and alter their behavior.

BEYOND THE DOG not only trains your dog, we train you. By doing this, we can ensure that you have the tools to maintain your dog’s behavior over time. Our goal is long-term maintenance of behavior change that you control with or without our support or presence.

BEYOND THE DOG doesn’t only train dogs, we train a variety of species including cats.