Cat Training Solutions for your Dallas Kitty

Experience the Beyond the Dog Training difference with your cat in Dallas

Our cat training programs are as unique as your cat! With our specialized training programs, our cat training experts strive to help improve your and your cat’s lives. We offer two base training programs for cats developed by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Echterling-Savage. We can help your cat overcome house-soiling issues, scratching, aggression, co-existing with other pets, and more! Dive into our cat training methodologies and program options below.

Our Cat Training Philosophy

Cat Training in Houston, TX

Executive Training Program

Our Executive training program is the only intensive in-home training program available for cats in the Dallas area! Your cat’s trainer will work directly with your cat(s) for (2) one-hour sessions and with you for (1) one-hour session per week for two to four weeks. This program addresses aggressive behavior, cat introductions, and obedience commands like harness training! Pricing starts at $870 for our two-week training program.

1-Hour Consultations

Is your cat struggling with house soiling or inappropriate scratching? Our in-home consultations are for you! Our cat training experts will meet with you in your home to observe your cat and their environment. After their observation, you will be provided with the tools to address your cat’s house soiling or inappropriate behavior, including a personalized training plan! Pricing is $150 per session.
Houston Cat Trainer

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