Cute brown and white dog lying in the grass with tongue out

5 Puppy Enrichment Games

We all struggle to find ways to keep our puppy mentally and physically stimulated, and we know the mischief that happens when puppies are bored. If you are looking for an alternative

Puppy biting at pants of owner

Help! My Puppy Is Biting Me and the Leash on Walks!

Puppies love to playbite and dig those needle-sharp teeth into your arms, legs, and shoes, especially while you’re walking. Sometimes the bites start transferring outside your house, too, making it seem like

Preventative resource guarding

Signs of Abnormal Puppy Behavior

We often help new parents navigate the difficult behaviors of puppyhood. Biting, chewing, crying, and housebreaking are the top concerns we address and are all normal. It is also important to understand

Puppy chewing on planter

Stop Puppy Biting and Chewing in 3 Easy Steps

Puppy biting and mouthing can be a huge headache. Rugs destroyed, hands bleeding, and favorite shoes ripped. Puppies bite excessively for a number of reasons. For one, puppies lose their teeth between