10 Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy

February 23, 2023

Dog chewing on a bone

We all know the signs of a bored dog – zoomies through the house, snatching old socks, chewing on couch pillows. On those rainy days when you just can’t get your dog out, these are some of the toys we like to keep them occupied.


A durable dog toy alternative to rope or raw hides, Benebones are a great alternative chew toy. These chews do not pose a choking hazard and have different flavors, including bacon, salmon, and even maplewood. 

BONEHEAD Chew toys

BONEHEAD chew toys are safe attachments to bones or chews. Simply attach the BONEHEAD to your dog’s favorite chew or bully sticks. It prevents choking as it makes it impossible for dogs to swallow it when the bone gets too small.

Cheerble’s Interactive Dog Ball 

Cheerble’s wicked ball is your dog’s intelligent companion. When the dog ball is turned on, it will automatically move, shake or bounce, attracting dogs to chase and capture it. However, it is not suitable for more aggressive chewers, as the outer shell will break when it is bitten.

Cool Pup Cooling Toy

These toys are meant to be filled with water and then frozen, so they are perfect for dogs who love their ice cubes! Toys that can be frozen are particularly helpful for teething puppies as well.

Groov Interactive Dog Toy

This crate attachment can be filled with a paste treat, like peanut butter, yogurt, or ice cream. Freeze it overnight to keep it from dripping. When you are ready to put the dog in their crate, simply attach the treat from the outside and your dog will have a fun treat while you’re away.


Kongs can serve as a stand-alone toy or as an interactive food puzzle. Our favorite way to use a kong is during meal times. Stuff the kongs with your dog’s regular meal. Pour some chicken broth or water over the top. When it’s full, freeze overnight. Present it to your pup the next day for their meal.

Puzzle/Enrichment Toys

Another bowl alternative for mealtime is food puzzles, they are an excellent way to keep your dog occupied. There are many different tricks, traps, and puzzles to choose from, and it is one of many good ways to expend your dog’s mental energy.  

TOTARK Snail Snuffle

Toys focusing specifically on scent and foraging skills are another great way to keep your dog busy. In this toy, treats are placed inside the plush toy and rolled into a snail. Putting kibble or treats in these toys, can give your dog’s nose some practice, and make them more comfortable playing independently for longer periods of time.

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are another way to offer your dog their meals in a more effective way. It makes the meal last longer by forcing the dog to use their nose to find each embedded crumb.

Wobble Bowl

A Wobble bowl is an interactive food puzzle toy, often used as an alternative to feeding meals from a bowl. It slows their feeding to aid with digestion and mentally stimulates them by encouraging them to work for their food.

We hope you find our toy list helpful and will allow you some downtime when you’re stuck inside! If you still have questions about your dog’s behavior at home, please contact us.

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