Santa Paws Wishlist: Top Dog Gifts of 2023

December 21, 2023

Black mixed dog with pink and green christmas trees training

All year long, your pup has worked hard to be the goodest boy or girl. As the holidays draw near, it is now time for them to write their wishlist to the great Santa Paws. So what are the best pet gifts of this holiday season? Here is what is on our dog’s wishlist: 


Puzzle Toy

Pet puzzles are an excellent way to keep your dog both occupied and mentally stimulated. Some of our favorites are the Outward Hound Dog Casino or Challenge Slider puzzle toy

Outward hound puzzle toy

Flirt Pole

Like a feather toy for cats, flirt poles are poles that have a cord with a toy or lure at the end of it. It is great for dogs with a strong prey drive. You can twirl it in many different directions while the dog jumps and chases after the toy. One of our favorite brands is the POPETPOP Dog Teaser Wand.

Flirt pole for dogs


Dog Robe

True self-indulgence usually means a spa day, and what spa day is complete without your own robe. These robes by Harry Barker are both comfortable and fashionable. It is the perfect gift of luxury. 

Adorable dog in a robe

Dog Bed

How would your dog like their own memory foam bed? Casper applies their patented sleep technology to your pooch’s mattress. Humans will love that the bed is machine washable and includes extra microfibers in the cover, making it digging-safe.

Casper dog bed with boston terrier


Fi Collar

If you need to keep an eye on your dog, the GPS functionality of the Fi Series 3 is one of the best on the market. It is waterproof and will give you peace of mind anytime your dog leaves the property. 

Fi dog collar

Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Dog Groomer

This may be more of a gift for you than for your dog. This vacuum attachment is a brush that sucks up dog fur, so there is no messy aftermath. Dead skin cells are also captured with every stroke, controlling the spread of allergens in the house. 

Dyson dog vaccum golden retriever

Personalized Gifts 

Pet Portrait Phone Cases

We love to put our pet’s face on many items. West and Willow sells personalized illustrations of your pup on many different items, a phone case being one of the cutest. You can protect your phone and keep your pet in your pocket. Plus it allows for wireless phone charging.

Dog on phone case

Personalized Dog Book

A great gift for houses with young children. Personalize your reading book with your pup. We love this version of Where’s Waldo by Yappy. 

Dog book gift

Pet Portrait

There are many great options for a custom portrait, and it is a great gift for the Holidays. Consider Animalist for a modern art twist on your pet’s figure. Animalist creates posters of a wide variety of breeds and stay true to the Scandinavian minimalist style.  

Greyhound with pet portrait