Dos and Don’ts of July 4th with Your Dog

July 1, 2023

Do's and Don'ts of July 4th

The Fourth of July can be both a fun time for your dog and the scariest night of the year. Below are our top Dos and Don’ts for your most patriotic weekend. 


Dog on July 4th

Bring your dog to the lake

Take part in a classic Fourth of July pastime, a day at the lake. Swimming and picturesque trails are just part of the fun. Consider renting a boat and bringing your dog aboard at many of the lakes around Dallas. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog about our top swim spots for you and your dog around Dallas.

Make your dog their own grilled treat at the cookout 

If you are doing some BBQing, why not make a special treat for your four-legged best friend? A hamburger or hot dog is one of the most mouthwatering treats, or so my dog says. You can also give your dog some healthy grilled vegetables, like corn cut from the cob or zucchini. Just make sure to skip the seasoning and condiments, and check the temperature before serving.

Take your dog on a weekend hike

There are many wonderful hiking trails in the DFW area. We recommend starting in the morning to skip the heat and bring plenty of water. Not sure where to go? We have compiled a list of our “Top Trails to Take Your Dog in DFW“. 

Attend the Dachshund Dash and Yankee Doodle Poodle Parade in Frisco

These dog-friendly events are sure to bring fun! In the Dachshund Dash, the dachshunds will race in heats. Heat winners will then race in the final until the grand “Weiner” crosses the finish line! This event is followed by the Poodle Parade, in which poodles and doodles can strut their stuff in costume down the street. Although participants are dachshunds, poodles, and doodles, all dogs are welcome to watch and enjoy the festival. All proceeds go towards the Collin County Animal Shelter. More information on these events can be found

Bring them inside before nightfall

Keep your dog away from any fireworks or even the sparklers you may light on the street. Many dogs have adverse reactions to them. Did you know that July 5th is the busiest day of the year at most shelters? Many frightened dogs bolt from their home during firework shows and end up at the shelter. For this reason, we recommend keeping your dog in the quietest and safest part of your house long before the loud noises start.  

Fourth of July dogs


Bring them to large gatherings

Although some dogs thrive in large parties, many dogs don’t appreciate meeting groups of strangers all at once. A small gathering, where your dog knows most people may be fun. However if your dog tends to be nervous, best to leave them at home. You can always do something special just the two of you later.

Leave them in your yard after dark

This is a top reason that July 5th is such a busy day at the dog shelter. A dog left in your home is much safer than in your yard. The firework noise will be louder outside, which can create frantic, escape-oriented behavior in dogs. You may find them trying harder than ever to get out, whether the dog is digging under the fence, jumping over the fence, or squeezing themselves through small openings. Ultimately, it’s safest to leave your dog in the house, preferably in a quiet room away from windows.

We hope these dos and don’ts help you and your dog have a fun and safe Fourth of July!