What is the first thing I should teach my puppy?

When you bring your new puppy home, we recommend focusing on housebreaking, crate training, socialization, and puppy manners such as play-biting and chewing. For obedience, your puppy can begin working on basic obedience commands such as sitting, leash-walking, and name recognition but formal obedience training should wait until they are 14-16 weeks old. Learn more about early training on our blog!

Can my 8-week-old puppy be potty trained?

Yes, and you should start potty training your puppy as soon as you bring them home. Many breeders will start this process for you before you pick them up. If you follow a strict potty training schedule, it is possible to have your puppy potty trained within a month.

At what age should my puppy be fully trained?

We recommend beginning training as soon as your puppy comes home. It is an ongoing process similar to learning in humans. For this reason, there isn’t a specific age where we believe a puppy should be considered “fully trained.” Consistency is critical, and the more consistent you are with your puppy training, the faster they will learn and the longer they will retain those commands!

Is it a good idea to send my puppy away for training?

This depends on the goals you have for your puppy and your overall lifestyle. The board and train is a great training option for owners who 1) want to send their puppy directly to us from the breeder before they come home, 2) you live a busy lifestyle, 3) you are leaving town, or 4) you may have some physical limitations. A puppy board and train will provide a comprehensive training experience. However, it will be crucial that upon return, you work with your puppy and follow the regimens for their training, especially for housebreaking, to ensure it transfers nicely to your home environment.

How do I take care of my puppy on the first night?

We recommend starting crate training immediately when you bring your new puppy home. For the first night, we recommend placing the crate directly in sight of you and right next to your bed so they can see you. Some crying, whining, and barking the first few nights are typical. If your puppy comes home at eight weeks old, you might need to take them out 1-2 times overnight. Following our recommended food and water schedule starting that first night home, most puppies can go overnight by 10 weeks old with no problems. For more information, check out our blog post Bringing Puppy Home.

Can I leave my 8-week-old old puppy alone?

Yes, you can. However, it should be for a limited time, and we recommend they always be placed in their crate to maintain housebreaking progress, manage chewing, and ensure their overall safety. At eight weeks old, a smaller breed puppy may only be able to hold its bladder for 1-2 hours at a time. For larger breed puppies, 2-3 hours. This will increase around 10 weeks old. To learn more about crate training your puppy, check out our blog post Separation Anxiety versus Crate Training: How to Prevent Separation Anxiety.

How long will it take for my new puppy to adjust?

Most puppies become acclimated to their new home within a few days. To help them adjust faster, keep interactions, including training, fun, and light, and have all household members interact with your puppy, including giving treats and hand-feeding meals. These few tips will help develop a bond between the family. Learn more about bringing your puppy home.