Houston Resource Guarding Puppy Training

Training Philosophy

Designed for Houston’s puppies to treat puppy resource guarding before it fully develops.

Resource Guarding Towards People

Is your puppy showing early signs of resource guarding? Maybe your puppy has started hunkering down over items, hiding them, or even swallowing them whole? Or maybe your puppy growls at you whenever you go to grab a toy from them? Resource guarding in puppies is due to a combination of genetics, environment, and learning history. A common risk factor for resource guarding is if your puppy came from a less-than-ideal environment where resources were scarce. Punishing your puppy yourself when they guard items from you will most likely escalate the behavior. Our Houston resource guarding puppy training program is here to treat your puppy’s problem behavior in a safe way led by a professional.

Resource Guarding Towards Other Dogs

Is your puppy starting to pick up on your older dog’s problem behavior around food? Maybe you’re worried your puppy will start showing aggressive behavior just like their older sibling? A common risk factor for puppy resource guarding involves a young puppy being raised with an older dog who resource guards. Resource guarding in puppies can be concerning because the behavior worsens with age and, as a puppy matures, the low-level guarding turns into aggression. We recommend treating any early signs of resource guarding as soon as possible! Led by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Echterling-Savage, we only utilize the latest research in puppy behavior in our programs. Our Houston in-home puppy training programs are scientifically proven to reduce and eliminate dog aggression using a combination of positive reinforcement and classical conditioning including teaching specific obedience behaviors to help manage your puppy’s behavior around resources.

Training Programs

All-Inclusive Resource Guarding Puppy Training Program


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Our All-Inclusive Training Program is for Houston puppy owners looking to treat any early signs of puppy resource guarding. The sooner you treat your puppy’s resource guarding, the less likely they will exhibit more severe aggressive behavior as an adult!

This Houston puppy training program is specifically designed to reduce and eliminate any resource guarding and to teach your puppy relevant obedience commands. We will address behaviors such as:

  • Puppy growling, barking, or snapping at a family member or older dog when approached when
    • In the possession of toys
    • While consuming edible items
    • While eating
    • Sleeping in a comfortable space

Just like any other behavior, resource guarding is likely a combination of genetics, the puppy’s early environment, current environment, and individual learning history. One risk factor includes a puppy coming from a less-than-ideal environment where resources are scarce. Another, all too often, risk factor involves a young puppy being raised with an older dog who resource guards. Resource guarding in puppies is concerning because the behavior worsens with age and, as a puppy matures, the low-level guarding turns into aggression. However, resource guarding is treatable with a function-based approach using behavior modification. Research by Mehrkam et al. supports that functional analysis-based treatment using behavior modification was highly effective in treating resource guarding in dogs with results that last long after treatment has been performed. According to our resident CAAB Dr. Echterling-Savage, “Puppies resource guard to keep highly-valued items, which involves making the person approaching move away to eliminate the threat of losing the items. Being able to recognize early signs of resource guarding and seeking professional help right away is the best thing you can do to eliminate your puppy’s guarding behavior.”

The All-Inclusive Puppy Training Program for resource guarding encompasses 22 training sessions across eight weeks! Your trainer will customize your puppy’s training program based on the Indirect Assessment of Canine Behavior that you will complete pre-training about your puppy’s history, behavior, and training goals. After crafting your puppy’s training plan, your trainer will work with your puppy one-on-one for three (1) hour sessions during the week. The fourth session each week is dedicated to your training! After the 5-week-long training, there are (2) follow-up sessions to support your progress. Please note that our indirect behavior assessments will confirm the severity of your puppy’s behavior and if deemed severe you may incur a small additional fee.

If you are a pet parent with an insurance policy covering behavior modification, our puppy resource guarding behavior modification is likely covered. Most companies with behavior policies such as Trupanion cover behavioral training when under the direction of a CAAB or a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

Virtual Consultation for Puppy Resource Guarding


Want expert advice on how to manage and reduce your puppy’s resource guarding but don’t live in the greater Houston area? In these 1-hour virtual consultations, we will give you expert training advice and management strategies to help with your puppy’s resource guarding. Depending on the severity of your puppy’s resource guarding from the Indirect Assessment of Canine Behavior, we will recommend one or multiple sessions with Dr. Echterling-Savage or with one of our other behavior consultants under her direct supervision. Pricing for 1-hour virtual consultations with Dr. Ectherling-Savage is $375. Pricing for a 1-hour virtual consultation with one of our Houston trainers is $150.