10 Things To Do With Your Dog this October 

October 4, 2023

Labrador retriever with pumpkins outside sit stay

When the air becomes cooler, leaves start changing color, and pumpkin flavors dominate the coffee shops, we know fall is here! Dallas is packed with dog-friendly adventures. Autumn is a great time of year to get outside and spend extra time with your dog. We’ve listed some of our favorite fall activities to take advantage of the season.

1. Visit a pumpkin patch

    Aussie happy in fall colors at sunset

    As you pick out pumpkins for carving or decoration, why not bring your dog with you?! Most pumpkin patches are dog-friendly. Plus they make a great spot for a quick photo shoot.

    2. Enjoy the change in colors on a hike

    Dallas is filled with beautiful nature trails. If you need ideas on where to go, check out our article on top trails to take your dogs.

    3. Throw the football around

    Get in the spirit with a game of pigskin with your dog. For those dogs that find a real football hard to grasp, consider a football-shaped stuffie or nerf ball. 

    4. Go on a trolley ride

    The M-line Trolley in Dallas is dog-friendly and takes you through the heart of downtown. A perfect way to enjoy the city from a new vantage point.

    French bulldog in ghost costume trick or treating

    5. Scary movie night

    Cuddle up for your favorite spooky movie. Popcorn is a great treat to share with your dog, just avoid the extra butter and salt. 

    6. Trick or treat with your humans

    Well-behaved dogs are welcome to accompany the family during trick-or-treating. Maybe your pup will even get a dog-friendly treat themself.

    7. Participate in the tailgate

    Bring your dog to the party, and you can even throw on an unseasoned hamburger or hot dog on the grill for them. However if your dog tends to dislike crowds, maybe bring them home a doggy bag instead.

    Dog lying down in the fall smiling with a tennis ball

    8. Play in the leaves

    Channel your inner child by playing with a big pile of fall leaves. Your dog will love to join in the fun and roll around for hours with you.

    9. Enjoy a cold beer together

    Head to your local dog-friendly brewery or bar with your dog, and enjoy the game and a cold beverage. A couple of our favorite bars are Katy Trail Ice House and the Shacks at Austin Ranch.

    10. Fall photo session

    Autumn is the perfect time of year to get some new pictures of you and your dog. Not so hot that you are sweating in your clothes, and the leaf colors lead to spectacular pictures. We recommend Cedar Ridge, Oak Point Preserve, or the Historic Water Station Trail in Allen.