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Why does my dog yawn?

Why Does My Dog Yawn?

If you are like me, you want your dog to be happy and carefree.  For dogs to be fully happy, it takes having family members that truly understand them and how they

Why do dogs show their teeth

Why Does My Dog Show Their Teeth?

Most of the time, we think of a warning behavior when dogs show their teeth. It generally serves as a precursor for more aggressive behavior. It is a warning to back away

Dog staring at other dogs and people

Why Do My Dog’s Hackles Stand Up on End?

Common body language when I observe dogs in various situations is a dog’s hackles, or fur, standing up on end. Technically this is referred to as piloerection and is due to an

Dog licking another dog

Licking Behavior Explained

One of the more commonly mistaken behaviors in dogs is licking. Most people think of licking as akin to a dog kissing. In some cases, the behavior is a friendly gesture, but

Bulldog with tongue out

Why Does My Dog Bark?

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. To determine why a dog is barking, I consider what happens prior to the bark, the body language of the dog, the pitch of the


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