Beyond the Dog Kansas City Dog Training and Behavior Solutions

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Offered by Professional Trainers and Behavior Specialists

Not only does Beyond the Dog train dogs, we train cats in and around the Kansas City metro area! The most basic program involves owners doing the majority of the training. The most intense program is full-service where Beyond the Dog does the majority of the training prior to teaching the owner. All of the programs offered in the Kansas City area can be catered to your individual cat or kitten. Each program can help treat a variety of problem behaviors including, but not limited to, house soiling and aggression. The cat training programs are conducted in your home or in the area location where your cat’s behavior occurs. All of our training programs were designed by Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage and carried out by professional dog trainers and behavior specialists. All of the training programs are available to those who reside in the Kansas City area. The Online Consultations are available to those that live outside the Kansas City metro area.