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Learn about Beyond the Dog’s cat training programs delivered in the comfort of your Kansas City home.

Our cat-friendly programs are offered in the comfort of your home creating stress-free behavior modification in the most effective training environment—where the behavior occurs! Our programs are as unique as your cat and are individualized based on your needs. We offer two programs throughout the Kansas City metro area to address anything from litter box training, to inappropriate scratching, to cat:cat integration, or even cat fighting! Our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Echterling-Savage, works with your local Kansas City trainer to design the most appropriate training program to meet your and your cat’s needs!

Our Cat Training Philosophy

Cat Training in Houston, TX

Executive Training Program

Do you want to teach your cat some new skills like coming when called? Perhaps your cats are not getting along the way you had hoped? Our Kansas City training team is here to help! Our Executive Training Program is the perfect solution for teaching good socialization, obedience behaviors, or treating problem behaviors. The program includes training a total of three days per week–two days per week your trainer works independently with your cat and one day each week your trainer works directly with you. The structure of the program ensures your cat acquires the skill and you are able to maintain their behavior long-term. The cost of the program is $1,395 for three weeks or $1,860 for four weeks. Ready to get started?

1-Hour Consultations

Are you struggling to get a handle on your cat’s inappropriate soiling? Is your feline friend wreaking havoc on your Kansas City home? Beyond the Dog is here to help you get on the path to success! During our 1-Hour Consultations a trainer will travel to your home to assess and review your cat’s current behaviors based on your concerns. After the assessment, your trainer will develop and create a written plan tailored to your cat training needs. These sessions are ideal for addressing inappropriate house soiling, scratching, or kitten manners. The cost is $150 per session. Ready to get started?
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